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When you work with us we help to engage with health policy stakeholders to protect, grow your business

1. What health policy topics are relevant to your business?

  • What are the key trends shaping your business?

  • What are the specific corporate, franchise and functional objectives that require health policy engagement?

  • How to prioritize the most relevant topics from strategy, resources and actionability point of view?

2. What is your position on the topic?

  • What messages would you like to convey in the selected priority topics?

  • How to ensure aligned position across the entire organization?

  • How to secure sign-off from senior management?

  • What is the right format and language to summarize your messages?

3. How can you engage in a dialogue?

  • Who are the relevant health policy stakeholders to team up with?

  • Which organizations can help achieving the most impact?

  • How to build up good relations with them?

  • How to engage in a dialogue?