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When you work with us we help clarify key questions to capture the fair value of your diagnostic solution

1. What is the value, potential price of your diagnostic solution?

  • What are the competitor products, solutions?

  • What are your product’s value drivers and aspirational value claims?

  • How are similar solutions priced, reimbursed in key markets?

  • How can we quantify the added value of your diagnostic solution by developing a health economic model?

  • How much are key stakeholders willing to pay?

2. Who and how will pay for the test?

  • What are the available funding pathways in key countries and therapy areas?

  • What setting(s) are applicable for your solution?

  • Who are the key decision makers securing coverage?

  • What clinical evidence do they require?

  • What is the decision making process and key requirements?

  • What is the optimal market access road-map?


3. What is required to convince them?

  • Develop comprehensive payer package by covering unmet need, disease burden, medical benefits, value for money, affordability

  • Tailor messages to the right target audience by using the right communication vehicle